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Golf Bag Magnets in stock supply 32 pcs per strip

Golf bag magnets are accessories that are specifically designed to be attached to golf bags, usually located on top of or on the side of the bag, and serve to hold golf ball hooks or other accessories in place so that golf balls and other small items can be conveniently stored.The magnets are able to attract metal items, such as golf ball markers or other metal accessories, to make sure that they remain securely attached to the bag. These magnets can provide additional convenience and allow players to access the equipment they need more easily.

Golf bag magnets are usually designed in a round or cylindrical shape with strong magnetic properties, the picture below shows a strip magnet for golf bags, a strip of 32 cylindrical neodymium-iron-boron magnets, galvanized and radially magnetized.

Neodymium Cylindrical Magnets for Golf Bags

Neodymium Cylindrical Magnets for Golf Bags

At present, due to domestic customers export orders to the European Union to reduce the Division I magnet stock supply, there is a need to use the welcome to contact customer service to provide you with favorable prices.

Recommended magnet specifications;

3mm diameter rod cylinder neodymium magnet 3x8 mm

3mm small cylinder rod neodymium magnet Ø 3mm x 10mm

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