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Are ceiling fan rotors permanent magnets?

The motors in ceiling fans are usually AC motors or asynchronous motors in which magnets are usually used in the stator part of the motor rather than the rotor part. The stator of the motor contains the windings, while the magnetic field is generated by the stator to drive the rotor to rotate. The magnetic field on the stator interacts with the electric current in the rotor to produce the rotational force that turns the ceiling fan.

However, some high-end or specially designed ceiling fans may use permanent magnet synchronous motors, which do contain permanent magnets in the rotor. The rotor of a permanent magnet synchronous motor contains permanent magnets that operate in synchronization with the magnetic field of the stator to generate rotational force. This design is often used in some high performance or special needs ceiling fans, but not all ceiling fans utilize this type of motor.

The illustration below shows a plastic ferrite rotor magnet (injection molded ferrite)

plastic ferrite rotor magnet

As a result, not all ceiling fan rotors are made of permanent magnets, but some ceiling fan motor designs may include permanent magnets to enhance performance. Individual manufacturers and models may utilize different technologies and designs, so it's best to understand the construction and materials used in ceiling fan motors based on specific product specifications or information provided by the manufacturer.

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