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How many gauss are in a 7mm thick neodymium magnets?

7mm thick magnet is medium thickness, how many gausses does such a magnet have? The following neodymium magnet manufacturer Courage Magnets to list some samples to introduce.

7mm thick magnets can be ring, round, curved, rectangular and other shapes as required by customers, the gauss data below is for reference only.

7mm thick magnets of different diameters

7mm thick magnets of different diameters

7mm thick cylindrical neodymium magnet series;

N35 grade neodymium cylindrical magnets 4mm x 7mm, surface magnetism is about 4200 gauss.

N38 grade cylindrical neodymium magnets D3x7mm, surface magnetism is 3300 gauss

7mm thick round neodymium magnet series;

N42 grade round NdFeB 18mm x 7mm, magnetic field strength is 3800 gauss.

N42 grade 50mm diameter, 7mm thickness, table magnetism is 3400 gauss.

7mm neodymium arc magnet series;

N30UH grade arc neodymium magnet R28x28x23x22.5x7mm, magnetic field strength is 2540 gauss.

7mm thick neodymium block magnet series;

N40 grade block neodymium magnet 52x27x7mm with surface magnetic field strength of 1800 gauss

N40 length magnetized neodymium magnet 10x9x7mm with strong magnetic surface of 7*9 faces, surface magnetic is 4660 gauss.

60x20x7mm block strong magnet N40 grade table magnetism is 2150 gauss

7mm thick ring neodymium magnet series;

N38H grade sintered neodymium ring magnets 38x26.5x7mm with a table magnetization of 3900 gauss

25mm countersunk hole neodymium magnets 25x4x7mm (N30 grade), surface magnetism is 2870 gauss

N38 round perforated magnet 22.5x8x7mm, magnetic field strength is 3730 gauss

Note: The above magnets are axial magnetization data, magnet size, performance level directly affects the gauss of the magnet, such as you need to customize large gauss magnet, 5000 gauss or more strong magnet welcome to consult customer service.

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