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How big is a 5000 Gauss magnet? Is it strong?

5000 Gauss magnet refers to the magnetic field strength of 5000 Gauss magnet, many people are more interested in the size of 5000 Gauss magnet, strong is not strong, the following Dongguan magnet factory Courage to take you to understand.

How big is a 5000 gauss magnet?

The Gaussian value of the magnet (magnetic induction intensity) has a certain relationship with its size, but if only 5000 gauss is mentioned, the specific size and shape of the magnet can not be determined, not the larger the size you want, the greater its Gaussian value.

The following Xiaofu lists some magnet specifications of about 5000 Gauss for you to see, you will find that the specifications are small, and the magnet with high thickness is easier to reach 5000gs.

The accompanying picture shows a larger size neodymium ring magnets, this larger size magnet does not easily reach 5000 gauss in apparent magnetic strength.

The accompanying picture shows a larger size neodymium ring magnets

N52 grade NdFeB square 4.8x4.8x4.8mm, magnetic strength up to 5050 gauss, vertical pull about 1.27kg.

N52 grade 10x10mm cylindrical magnet, surface magnetic strength up to 5655 gauss, vertical pull about 5.3kg, if the choice of N35 grade may be less than 5000 gauss.

Diameter 10mm thickness of 20mm N35 grade NdFeB disc magnets about 5045 gauss, vertical pull of about 4.3kg.

N52 grade magnets have a very high magnetic field strength, making it easier to achieve a magnetic field strength of 5000 gauss. This means that with N52 grade permanent magnet magnets, magnetic fields approaching or exceeding 5000 gauss can be produced under the right conditions.

Are 5000 gauss magnets strong?

5000 gauss magnet can be considered relatively strong, but whether it is strong enough depends on your usage scenario.

For general low strength applications, 5000 gauss is already a very strong magnetic field, for example, the magnetic induction strength of general magnet toys and whiteboard magnets is usually within 1000 gauss.

For precision instrument detection, magnetic recording and other occasions, 5000 gauss also belongs to the stronger level.

But for some scientific research applications such as particle gas pedals, nuclear magnetic resonance instruments, you need tens of thousands of gauss or more to be considered a strong magnetic field, common rare earth magnets can reach 1-2 million gauss surface magnetic induction strength through reasonable design.

But if you are asking whether the pull strength of 5000 gauss is strong or not, you can see the above example, the pull force can be 1kg or 100kg, it is related to the magnet's own size, the material of the sucked object, the distance and so on, if you have specific information about the shape of the magnet, the material, and the surrounding environment, you can use tools such as magnetometers to measure the actual pull force strength. If you only have the value of the magnetic field strength (5000 gauss), it is difficult to accurately estimate the specific pulling strength.

The above is about how big the 5000 gauss magnet is and whether it is strong or not, if you need to buy or customize 5000 gauss magnet you can contact the website customer service to help you.

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