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Motor arc rotor magnets is too strong how to assemble more safe

Motor rotor in the assembly process, there is a process is to load the core magnet, some from the slot inserted into the rotor inside, some affixed to the inner surface of the rotor, some affixed to the outer surface of the rotor, the position of the magnet is different, of course, the assembly method also makes a difference.

Many motor manufacturers are still using the traditional method, using manual or simple mold assembly of magnetic steel, magnetic is not very strong, small batch can also be accepted, but if the magnet magnetism is too strong, it is a little difficult, then the motor magnetic steel magnetic too strong how to do? How to assemble rotor magnetic steel more safely? The following is a simple introduction to everyone!

With the development of the automation equipment industry, the technology is becoming more and more mature, the assembly of rotor magnets is the same, you can use a professional magnet assembly machine, can be customised according to the distribution of rotor magnets as well as the requirements of the special magnet machine equipment.

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Motor arc magnet filling machine

The curved rotor magnet loader has the following advantages;

1. The magnet steel assembly is accurate, the magnet is not easy to break, and the assembly speed is fast.

2. Simple operation, just load the material, press the start button to automatically complete the assembly of the magnet steel.

3. When encountering strong magnet, it is safer to adopt magnet steel machine, avoiding the situation of always pinching the hand when assembling, causing safety accidents, which can be a good solution to the problem of strong magnet.

Now there are fewer and fewer people working, are some grade slightly older people working in the factory, for this kind of boring work with magnets, few young people are willing to do, the use of magnetic steel filling machine can save labor, reduce manual labor intensity, but also reduce safety risks.

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