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Magnet Blog

Mounting and fixing of ring magnets

Ring magnet is one of the most common magnet shape, this shape has a hole in the middle of the magnet, the type of hole is divided into countersunk holes (screw holes) and straight holes (through holes), today's article is the installation of such magnets and fixed to do a description of the introduction.

1, Screw fixed: this is one of the more common installation methods. In the ring magnet on the outer edge of the reserved fixing holes, screws through the holes directly to the base or target object. This method can provide a strong fixing force, suitable for larger size and heavier ring magnets.


2、Glue fixing: This is a simple and convenient way of installation. Use high-temperature and heat-resistant adhesives, such as epoxy resin glue, instantaneous dry glue, the magnet will be pasted in the desired position. This method is suitable for smaller sizes and lighter ring magnets, which can provide a certain fixed force.

3, Magnetic fixing: magnetic fixing is a way to fix the magnet directly using magnetic suction. By mounting the ring magnet on a surface with strong magnetism, such as a steel plate, iron base, etc., the magnet is firmly fixed using magnetic adsorption force. This method is suitable for small and medium-sized ring magnets.

Larger Size Galvanized Ring Neodymium Magnets

Larger Size Galvanized Ring Neodymium Magnets

4, 3M adhesive backing fixed: 3M self-adhesive adhesive on the back of the ring magnet, directly paste the magnet in the required fixed position. This method is suitable for smaller size and lighter ring magnets.

5, Embedded installation: the ring magnet is embedded in the groove or hole of the mounting parts, and then closed and fixed, this way is suitable for small and medium-sized ring magnets, can provide a better fixing effect.

6、Mechanical Clamping Fixing: Install the clamping device on the upper and lower sides of the ring magnet respectively, and fix it by clamping the magnet. This method is suitable for smaller sizes and lightweight ring magnets, can provide a strong clamping force.

In practice, the choice of mounting method usually depends on the size and weight of the ring magnet, the operating environment, the direction of the magnetic field to be maintained, the overall structure of the equipment, and the cost.

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