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Magnet Blog

Ring Magnet Shape Type and Drawing

Ring magnets according to different customers on the magnetism, temperature resistance and other requirements of different materials to choose from, here does not expand the introduction, today mainly around the shape of the ring magnet type and drawings to do the introduction.

The common types of shapes of ring magnets are;

Ordinary shape ring magnets (with a straight hole in the center), available in OD, ID, height or thickness sizes.

Countersunk ring magnets with holes in the center for screws, in addition to the outside diameter, the inside diameter, the thickness and the depth of the countersunk holes.

Ring magnets with holes, that is, with 1 or several holes drilled in the front or side of the ring magnet.

Typical case; Neodymium ring magnet with 2 screw holes dia 25mm

Special ring magnets, such as convex ring magnets, notched or slotted ring magnets, can be processed according to your drawing specified requirements.

Typical case; Ring neo magnet with through holes on the side

Ring magnets are generally thickness magnetized, that is, axial, there are many types of styles, can be large outer diameter, large inner diameter, small inner diameter, as well as more thick or flat height, if you need to customize you can contact us to quote for you.

Ring magnet drawing;

Here is a drawing of an ordinary ring magnet

Ring magnet drawing

The following is a customized drawing of a special ring magnet

customized drawing of a special ring magnet

No matter what kind of ring magnet you need, simple or complex, our company can meet your requirements and need to buy. To know the price, please send inquiry to us, thank you!

Ring magnet material selection;

Neodymium Ring Magnets

Ceramic Ferrite Ring Magnets

SmCo Ring Magnets

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