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Magnet Blog

Difference between electroplated and no electroplated magnets

Magnets can choose to plating can also choose not to plating, some types of magnets do not plating has little effect, such as ceramic ferrite magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, etc., because they themselves have very good corrosion resistance, for neodymium magnets, generally have to be added to plating to protect the magnets, to prolong the life of the magnets, the following is neodymium magnets plated and not plated with some of the main differences.

1. Appearance

Electroplated magnets will have a flat, smooth, metallic surface, while unplated magnets retain their own rough, milled surface.

Just the website has uploaded the neodymium magnet without coating, click on the product 0.4mm thin rectangular magnet without coating 30x10x0.4mm to view.

Neodymium magnet nickel-plated copper nickel appearance picture

Neodymium magnet nickel-plated copper nickel appearance picture

2. Antioxidant properties

Electroplating will form a layer of metal protective film on the surface of neodymium magnets (e.g. nickel plating) can effectively block air oxidation, unplated magnets will be gradually oxidized and discolored on the surface in long-term use. 

3. Corrosion resistance

Electroplating not only provides an antioxidant effect, but also dramatically improves the magnet's corrosion resistance, especially in humid and salt-laden environments, where electroplated magnets have a significant advantage.

4. Costs

Plating process will add a certain amount of extra cost expenditure, different plating price is not the same, like galvanized than nickel plating is cheaper, nickel plating than black epoxy plating and cheaper.

Some people are also concerned about the difference in gauss strength between magnets plated and unplated, which is almost negligible.

Overall, the purpose of electroplating is to give neodymium magnets better resistance to oxidation and corrosion, which is favorable to maintain the mechanical properties and magnetic properties of the material for a long time.

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