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How to remove the surface coating (plating) of a magnet?

There are many types of surface coating of magnets, not much to introduce here, interested can go to the "NdFeB surface coating (color picture thickness)" to understand, today mainly to introduce the surface coating of magnets how to remove.

1, High temperature heating method;

Some coatings can be softened or melted by high temperature, and then gently wiped off with tools. But be careful, the magnet is sensitive to high temperature and may affect its magnetism.

2、Chemical remover (de-plating solution)

Some solvents or chemicals may be able to dissolve or soften the coating, making it easier to remove. However, care needs to be taken to choose the right solvent to avoid adverse effects on the magnet.

The following illustrations show nickel plated hollow cylindrical magnets of various sizes


3. Abrasion

Use sandpaper, abrasive cloth or abrasive instruments to gently rub the magnet surface until the coating is worn off. Make sure to use finer sandpaper or abrasive cloth to avoid scratching the magnet surface.

4、Mechanical methods

Use a scraper or similar tool to gently scrape off the coating. Again, be careful to avoid scratching the magnet surface.

Regardless of which method is used, be sure to operate carefully to avoid damage to the magnet itself or other adverse consequences, if the magnet manufacturer mistaken magnet coating can be contacted to deal with.

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