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Are the magnetic rings on the rotor or stator of the ceiling fan motor?

When we talk about the construction of a ceiling fan motor, the location of the magnetic ring is a key point. Ceiling fan motors are usually AC asynchronous motors or direct current motor, which consist of two main parts: the stator and the rotor. The stator is the stationary part, while the rotor is the rotating part, and the two together create the principle of operation of this type of motor.

In ceiling fan motors, the magnetic ring is usually mounted on the stator. The stator is a part that contains coils and these coils are energized to create a magnetic field. This magnetic field interacts with permanent magnets or current-driven components on the rotor to create a rotational torque that drives the rotor.

The following picture shows the stator ring for ceiling fan motors.


The design choice of mounting the magnetic rings on the stator was made to achieve optimum motor performance. The magnetic field created by the coils in the stator through the current interacts with the magnetic field on the rotor to create a rotational force that drives the rotor to rotate. This layout takes full advantage of the interaction between the magnetic fields to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

With this construction, the ceiling fan motor is able to efficiently convert electrical energy into power to drive the fan blades to rotate, thus creating air flow. This design allows the ceiling fan to provide a comfortable fan effect while maintaining a relatively low level of energy consumption.

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