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Why does an electric fan spin without magnet inside?

Electric fans can turn primarily by utilizing the electromagnetic torque produced by the electric motor without the need for additional magnets.

The rotor in an electric fan is usually not a magnet and consists mainly of.

Electric fan motor without magnets

Electric fan motor without magnets

1. Blades

The blades on the rotor of an electric fan are usually made of plastic and are designed in a specific aerodynamic shape to generate wind.

2. Shaft

The center part of the rotor, which connects the blades and is mounted on the motor through bearings. It is usually made of metal.

3. Rotor housing

The housing that holds the blades and shaft together, usually also made of plastic.

4. Coil

The rotor is connected to the motor rotor, and the built-in coil interacts with the motor's magnetic field to produce torque. There is no permanent magnetic material or magnet inside the coil.

Electric fans generally use AC motors today. AC motors are made by energizing the windings to create a rotating magnetic field, and then the rotor rotates by inducing this rotating magnetic field, and the fan blades on the rotor rotate together. So there is no constant magnet inside an AC motor. This usually includes general: washing machines, electric fans, ventilation fans, range hoods, bath bombs and other household appliances motors.

So in simple terms, the rotor of a typical electric fan does not contain a magnet, and relies mainly on the interaction between the coil on the motor rotor and the motor's magnetic field to drive the rotor to rotate. Only some higher-end or special function needs on the fan will be used, such as brushless DC motor fan, DC stepless speed control fan, some industrial-grade high-power fan.

Associated fan motor magnets;

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