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Some Causes of Cracking in Ferrite Arc Segment Magnets

Arc ferrite magnets are mainly used in electric motors, if the magnet is cracked phenomenon, this may affect its magnetic properties, the following are some of the reasons that may lead to cracked magnets and suggestions to deal with them, I hope it will be helpful to you!

1. Thermal stress:

Ferrite tiles may be subject to temperature changes during operation. Sharp temperature changes can cause thermal stresses on the surface of the tile, which may lead to crack formation. For example, after use at high temperatures, sudden exposure to a cold environment may result in rapid cooling of the tile, which can cause thermal stress.

2. Mechanical stress:

External mechanical stresses, such as mechanical shock, vibration or twisting, may also cause cracks to develop in a magnetic tile(arc magnet). Exposure of magnets to potential mechanical stresses needs to be avoided, especially during installation and use.

Sintered Arc Ferrite for Micromotors

3. Material Quality: 

Low quality or substandard ferrite tiles may be more prone to cracking. Purchase high quality ferrite curved magnets from a reliable manufacturer to minimize the risk of cracking.

4. Manufacturing defects:

Ferrite segmented magnets may have manufacturing defects such as bubbles, cracks, or uneven structure during the manufacturing process. These manufacturing defects may gradually expand during use, leading to the formation of cracks.

5. External Shock. 

Ferrite arc magnets may be subjected to external impacts such as being struck or bumped, which may result in cracking. Care should be taken when handling and transporting tiles to avoid physical damage.

These are some of the reasons and suggestions about the possible cracking of sintered ferrite arc magnets, including production and use, and to improve the crack resistance of sintered ferrite magnets, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive optimization from the aspects of material formulation, sintering process, design structure and so on. Prevent crack formation.

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