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Gauss Strength and Datasheet of N48 Magnets

N48 magnets, also known as rare earth neodymium powerful magnets, N48 magnets belong to the high-performance grade magnets, this article will be its gauss strength, magnetic properties of the parameters, as well as performance test report to do the introduction.

Information on typical magnetic properties and strength of N48 neodymium magnets:

1. Magnetic Flux Density (B): N48 magnets typically have a magnetic flux density in the range of 13,000 to 14,000 Gauss (1.3 to 1.4 Tesla). This indicates a very strong magnetic field.

2. Remanence (Br): The remanence of N48 magnets is typically around 13,500 Gauss (1.35 Tesla). Remanence represents the strength of the magnet's residual magnetic field after it has been magnetized.

3. Coercivity (Hc): The coercivity of N48 magnets is usually around 11,000 Oersteds (880 kA/m). Coercivity measures the resistance of a magnet to demagnetization.

4. Energy Product (BHmax): N48 magnets have a high energy product, often exceeding 48 MegaGauss Oersteds (MGOe). This is a measure of the maximum energy a magnet can store and release.

N48 magnet surface Gauss strength reference;

N48 ring magnet gauss value series;

N48/D34.03xd18.97x3.5mm, surface magnetic field strength 1240 gauss.

D18*d6.2*0.8, surface magnetic 980 gauss.

D12.2*D9.5*0.7, surface magnetism 1980 gauss.

D18x6.2x0.8mm thin ring magnet, surface magnetic field strength 980Gs.

N48 square magnet gauss series;

N48 grade/Ni/F4*4*3, surface magnetic field size around 4430gs.

N48 performance block magnet 3.5x1.4x1.4mm, magnetic field strength 2750gs.

F50.8*50.8*12.7, magnetic field strength 2700gs.

F9.1x5.1x1.15mm, Gauss value 2050GS.

F50.8*50.8*12.7mm, magnetic field strength value 2700gs.

N48 round piece magnet gauss series;

D84.3x6.7mm, surface magnetic size 930 gauss.

D3.2*5(Diameter 3.2mm Thickness 5mm) , surface magnetic about 3930gs.

D10 x 5mm, table magnet 4500gs.

Small round 2.7x1.4mm diameter magnet with a surface magnetic field strength of approximately 2590 gauss.

Sintered Ndfeb magnetic properties data sheet;

Sintered Ndfeb magnetic properties data sheet

The above is about neodymium magnet N48 grade, it should be noted that N48 magnet parameter values may vary slightly due to different manufacturers and production batch, if you need to customize, inquiry N48 magnet please send us an inquiry.

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