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How many gauss is 20mm thick rare earth neodymium magnet?

The magnetic field strength of rare earth neodymium magnets not only depends on its thickness, but also affected by other factors, such as the performance grade, size and shape of the magnet, generally speaking, the magnetic field strength can be expressed in Gauss or Tesla, here are some 2cm thick neodymium round/block/ring magnets surface magnetic strength listed for you for reference.

20mm thick NdFeB round/column magnets surface magnetic reference;

N40H performance 12x20mm cylindrical magnet with table magnetism about 5660 gauss.

N35 performance grade 5mm x 20mm, axially magnetized, table magnetism approx. 4540gauss, vertical pull approx. 0.9kg.

NdFeB N38 grade for cylindrical NdFeB 8mm diameter x 20mm thickness, surface gauss approx. 4080 gauss.

N35 of 20x20mm, surface magnetic about 4830gauss, vertical pull about 15.5kg.

N35 grade D60x20mm, surface gauss about 3110 gauss, vertical pull up to 50kg.

Round neodymium magnets 100mm in diameter and 20mm in thickness have an edge gauge of 3020 gauss.

20mm thick ring neodymium magnet surface magnetic data reference;

N45SH grade D60*D40*20mm, table magnetism about 3330 gauss.

N38 NdFeB countersunk ring with outer diameter 40mm, hole 8mm, thickness 20mm, table magnetism about 3860 gauss.

N38H grade D120*d8.5*20mm magnetic ring, table magnetism about 2130 gauss.

20mm thick rectangular block magnet surface magnetic field strength reference;

20mm thick square neodymium magnet

F85*34*20mm N38 magnet block, the surface magnetism is around 2810 gauss.

N38 grade F80*66*20mm rectangular magnet, table magnetism at about 2260 gauss.

Length direction magnetization magnet block 20*25*40mm, N38 grade, surface magnetic strength is about 4130 gauss.

100mm square magnet 100x100x20mm has 2700 gauss on the edge.

The above is about how many gauss of 2cm(20mm) thick rare earth neodymium magnet, if you need to know more you can go to the magnet gauss online calculation page by yourself.

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