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Sensing distance between Hall chip and magnet and magnet selection

When selecting Hall switches, customers often ask how much the induction distance between the Hall and the magnet is best controlled, and how much magnet is appropriate to choose. But in fact, the distance and magnetic field is to be selected according to the actual circuit, there is no fixed parameters, customers need to test and confirm according to the product requirements. When we do the product we inevitably have to involve the Hall induction distance, some may require the induction distance is relatively close, such as 10mm, but some may be to induction distance is relatively far, may be a few centimeters. So how to judge and find the matching Hall components? Now we will do the following introduction.

As we all know, Hall works by sensing the magnetic field, when we are choosing the magnet, generally the magnetic field needs to be greater than 1-2 times the working point of the Hall you choose, so that the Hall will sense the magnetic field and start working. Magnetic field refers to the GS value of the magnet and size refers to the size of the magnet.

Hall sensors typically use permanent magnets such as NdFeB magnets (sintered neodymium and bonded neodymium), ceramic ferrite magnets (injection molded and sintered).

Hall Chip with Multi-Pole Magnet

In the Hall selection, Hall induction distance is directly related to the strength of the magnetic field, there is no fixed distance parameter, the induction distance is based on the Hall's sensitivity and the strength of the magnetic field to decide, the larger the magnetic field Hall can be sensed the farther the distance, when the Hall sensitivity is high resulting in errors, you can consider appropriate adjustment of the distance between the Hall and the magnet, or to reduce the strength of the magnetic field.

The above is a simple description of the Hall sensing distance and the selection of magnets, the actual application is required to adjust the product circuit, if you need to buy Hall effect magnets welcome to contact Courage magnet manufacturers.

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