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Multipole Magnetic Ring [Meaning Material Use]

Multi-pole ring magnet is our hot sale product, but also reflects the market demand of multi-pole ring magnet is large, more and more products began to optimize from a simple ring magnet to the use of multi-pole ring magnet. So today to introduce you to the multipole ring magnet. What is a multipole ring magnet? Which material of multipole ring magnet used? What is the application of the multipole ring magnet?

What is a multipole magnet ring?

Multipole magnetic ring is a kind of ring magnet used in the field of motor. Multipole ring magnet is a hard magnetic ring material with a special magnetizer for a number of magnetic poles, in simple terms, it means that a magnet is charged with many magnetic poles, the number of poles is more than 2 poles.

The magnetizing effect is related to the ring magnet's material and the performance of the magnetizing machine, while the size of the magnetic energy product is related to the magnetizing effect, specifications, materials and the performance of the magnetizing machine. The motor assembled with a multipole ring magnet has the characteristics of smooth running, low noise and high precision.

8 pole multipole magnetic ring waveform image;

8 pole multipole magnetic ring waveform image

Material of multi-pole ring magnets:

Multipole ring magnets according to different materials, can be divided into neodymium multipole ring magnets, ferrite multipole ring magnets, rubber magnetic multipole ring magnets, samarium cobalt multipole ring magnets, the first three are more common to be used.

Among the above several multipole ring magnet materials, the strongest magnetic force is the multipole ring magnet of neodymium magnet material. Neodymium magnets are known as "magnetic king" among all kind of magnets and have high remanence and coercivity. In the multi-pole magnetic ring, the same size and magnetic pole, its magnetic force is also the strongest. It is mainly used in high-performance permanent magnet motors and sensors.

In addition, according to the different processes, neodymium multipole ring magnets are divided into sintered neodymium multipole ring magnets, bonded neodymium multipole ring magnets and injection neodymium magnets.

Ferrite multipole ring magnets are divided into sintered ferrite and injection molded ferrite. Its price is relatively low, the magnetic force is small and brittle, but there are many products to choose ferrite: some products does not need much magnetic force but needs to work in a high temperature and humid environment.

The cost of rubber multipole ring magnets is also relatively low, and the rubber multipole ring magnet is crash-resistant, but the magnetic force will be relatively weak. At present, the most widely used products are circular magnetic grid, pump motor, sweeper and so on.

Samarium cobalt material multi-pole ring magnet, is the highest temperature resistance of the multi-pole ring magnet, the highest temperature of this material can reach 350 degrees, is the best magnet used in the current high temperature environment. The magnetism of samarium cobalt is also second only to neodymium magnets, and its temperature stability and chemical stability are more than NdFeb permanent magnet materials, but the price is relatively high, which is also one of the reasons why it is now applicable to a wide range of neodymium magnets.

Which main products used the multi-pole ring magnets?

Motors for multistage ring magnet applications: automotive motors, sensors, Hall components, synchronous motors, brushless motors, vacuum motors, flat motors, micromotors, generators, DC motors, Range hood motor, stepper motor, automatic door motor, electric sander, pump motor, servo motor, fan motor, single-phase motor speed regulation motor, window rocker motor, car seat motor, computer hard disk drive, and many other motor fields.

Supporting common terminal products such as air conditioning and refrigerator compressor, fan, all kinds of micro water pump, dishwasher, sweeper, mahjong machine and all kinds of electric tools, etc..

The above is the introduce about the meaning, material and the uses of multipole ring magnets. We are multipole ring magnet manufaturer who has more than 12 years rich experiences, we can custom different specification of multipole neodymium ring magnet, ferrite ring magnet, samarium ring magnet and rubber ring magnet. If you have any demand about ring magnet, please contact us and provide your requirment!

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