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Meaning of single sided multipole magnetization of magnets

Wholesale custom single-sided multi-pole magnet, double-sided multi-pole ring magnet, China courage magnet manufacturer is a good choice for you, we are professional enough, more molds, today brings you a single-sided multi-pole magnetized magnet introduction, including meaning, type, characteristics, etc.

Meaning of single-sided multipole magnets;

A single-sided multipole magnetized magnet is a special type of permanent magnet that has multiple magnetic poles on a single surface of a magnet. Conventional permanent magnets usually have two magnetic poles: north and south, which are located on two opposite surfaces of the magnet. However, single-sided multipole magnets exhibit multiple alternating magnetic poles on one surface, which are mainly single-sided axial multipole magnetization.

There are many materials that can make single sided multipole magnets. Ferrites include sintered ferrite, injection molded ferrite, and neodymium iron boron with bonded neodymium magnets. flexible rubber magnets, Single sided multipole magnets like ferrite have both isotropic and anisotropic properties, with an isotropic surface magnetic field of around 700gs, which is generally difficult to exceed 900 Gauss. Various anisotropic surface magnetic fields are around 1100 Gauss, 1200 Gauss, and of course, there are also those with higher magnetic forces, such as 1600 - 1700 Gauss.

The illustration is a single-sided multipole flexible rubber block magnet

single-sided multipole flexible rubber block magnet

Some advantages of single-sided multipole magnets:

Single sided multipole magnetizing magnets have advantages such as diverse magnetic field distribution, precise control, improved efficiency, and space saving. They are mainly used in motors, magnetic sensors, instruments, and other instruments.

If you need to purchase (buy) this single-sided multipole magnet, you can contact our company to provide you with samples, quotations, and mold development.

Part of our single-sided multi-pole magnet sample display;

Single sided painted ferrite small magnetic ring 4 pole 8mm x 3mm

Single side 6 poles ferrite magnet with small hole 9.6x1x2mm

Encoder single-sided multipole ferrite ring magnet 34mm x 2.5mm

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