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Which magnets production processing need to be molds?

Which magnet need open mold or don't need to open mold? Why do magnets need to be molded? There are many people who are not very clear about this, so today Courage magnet manufacturer is going to answer these questions for you.

Our company mainly produces types of magnets: Ndfeb strong magnets, ferrite magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, Bonded neodymium magnets, injection molded magnetic, etc. Next we'll see what need to open the mold in these magnets.

First of all, neodymium magnets, NdFeb magnet is also known as strong magnet, which is one of the strongest magnetic materials. Its advantage is that it has a strong magnetic force, and the size can be customized according to customer requirements. Ndfeb is divided into sintered ndFeb and bonded NdFeb.

China courage magnet factory sample display cabinet;

China courage magnet factory sample display cabinet

Sintered NdFeb: can be customized directly according to customer needs, no need to open the mold.

Bonded NdFeb: need to open mold. Its advantage is that it can be formed once, without secondary processing, light gravity, high dimensional precision. If the shape of the magnet needs to be made is more complex, it will generally choose bonded NdFeb, and the cost of opening the mold is about 3-6 thousand yuan ($426-851).

Ferrite magnet: also known as common magnet, magnetic force is much worse than ndFeb, but the price is relatively cheap, so it is also widely used.This magnet is divided into two kinds of molding and cutting, the molding needs to open the mold, cutting does not need to open the mold.

Samarium cobalt magnet: Mainly used in high temperature products, can withstand 350 degrees. Customers rarely choose samarium cobalt magnets due to their high price. There is generally no need to open the mold.

Finally, a brief introduction to injection molded magnetic: you can see What is injection molded magnet? What are the irreplaceable advantages?. Injection molding magnet is a magnet that must be opened. At present, our company also has a lot of molds and specifications can achieve high precision. Welcome to bring specifications consultation.

To sum up, the magnetic materials that need to be opened are: injection molding magnetic, bonded ndFeb magnet, ferrite general magnetic uncommon specifications, ferrite multipole magnetic ring and some oversized arc neodymium magnet.

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