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What is a magnetizing mold?

Magnetizing mold, or magnetizing jigs as we call them, enable magnets to complete precise magnetization according to a predetermined magnetization direction and magnetization pattern, which are used together with magnetizing machines.

Principle of Magnetizing Molds;

As shown in the figure below, a coil (magnetizing die) is wound in the iron core, which is used as a load by the magnetizing power supply equipment to release an instantaneous pulsed high current to it. Depending on the situation, the number of coils varies, the current value ranges from thousands to tens of thousands of amperes, and the release time ranges from hundreds of microseconds to milliseconds. When the current flows, the coils wound in the core generate a powerful pulsed magnetic field (lines of force), and the core of the magnetizing die becomes a powerful electromagnet. At this time, the unmagnetized permanent magnet placed on the magnetizing die is magnetized with the magnetic pole pattern generated by the core.

Ordinary magnets can be magnetized using ordinary magnetizing fixtures, while multi-pole ring magnets require special magnetizing fixtures for magnetization.

Principle of Magnetizing Molds

Magnetic field is generated in the magnetizing molds;

As shown in the figure above, a 4-pole N/S/N/S magnetizing die, with the N-pole (the side from which the magnetic lines of force are emitted) and the S-pole (the side from which the magnetic lines of force are emitted) interacting with each other, is placed on top of the magnetizing die. A permanent magnet is placed on top of this, and the magnet side that is close to the N side of the magnetizing die is the S pole on the upper side and the N pole on the opposite side because of the incoming magnetic lines of force.

The above introduces you to the principle of magnetizing the mold and magnetizing the magnetic field of the mold, by the magnet manufacturers Courage xiaofu finishing comprehensive sharing!

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