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How can ferrite permanent magnet improve magnetic strength?

In the actual application process, some customers will encounter the problem of buying ferrite magnets magnetic strength is not enough, what is going on, there is no way to improve the magnetic ceramic ferrite magnets, the following ferrite magnet manufacturers courage magnet xiaofu to discuss with you, not necessarily all right.

1、Choose higher performance grade

Understand the current performance grade of ferrite magnets, if it is Y25, it can be upgraded to Y30,Y30BH,Y35 and so on, the magnetic strength will increase.

2、Increase the size of the magnet

Increasing the length, width and height dimensions of ferrite magnets can effectively increase the magnetic strength, provided the structure allows it.

Sintered Ferrite Magnetic Ring

Sintered Ferrite Magnetic Ring

3. Adding rare earth components

The crystal structure and magnetic properties of permanent magnet ferrites can be changed by adjusting their chemical composition and formulation. For example, increasing the content of rare earth elements (such as neodymium, samarium, praseodymium, etc.) can improve the magnetic strength of permanent magnetic ferrites.

4. Sintering process improvement

Sintering is a key step in the preparation of permanent magnet ferrite. By optimizing the sintering process parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and time, the grain structure and magnetic properties of permanent magnet ferrite can be improved.

If you encounter ferrite magnetism is not strong, mainly through the first three methods to enhance the strength, such as still can not meet the requirements can consider replacing the rare earth neodymium material.

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