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What is the smallest size a neodymium magnet can be?

The application and role of magnets is not much introduced here, it has big and small, thin and flat, for small (mini) magnets, many people are trying to find magnet manufacturers to buy the smallest neodymium magnets, and some are trying to understand how small the minimum size of neodymium magnets can be made.

In industrial production, common neodymium magnet machining methods include cutting, grinding, milling, drilling and so on. For the machining of miniature neodymium magnets, precision machining equipment and processes are usually required.

Smallest magnet size that neodymium magnet manufacturers can generally produce;

Round magnet: diameter 1mm, thickness 0.3mm or so

The picture shows a small magnet with a diameter of 2mm and a thickness of 2mm, we can also process smaller and thinner magnets if needed.


Ring magnets: diameter 1.5mm, hole 0.4, thickness 0.3mm or so

Square or block magnets: length and width 1mm, thickness around 0.3mm

It should be noted that because the magnet is too small may lead to insufficient magnetic force, difficult processing, fragile and other problems.

Size of neodymium magnets that can be produced by a magnet factory usually depends on the equipment and technology of the factory. Generally, the size of neodymium magnets can vary from tiny millimeters to large tens of centimeters.

Although modern technology has made it possible to manufacture neodymium magnets in tiny sizes, the smallest size is still influenced by factors such as production technology, market demand and cost-effectiveness.

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