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How does multi-pole magnetizing coil magnetize a ring magnet?

Multi-pole magnetizing coil is mainly used to magnetize the motor multi-pole rotor magnet, the magnet shape is mainly ring-shaped mostly, so it is also often called the motor rotor ring, this type of magnet because it involves multi-pole magnetization need to use this multi-pole magnetizing coil to achieve, so we magnet manufacturers in the offer will involve a magnetizing coil (fixture) costs, is such a thing, some people will ask, multi-pole magnetizing coil how to give the ring multi-pole magnetizing How does the coil magnetize the ring multi-pole? Let's talk about it today.

How does a multipole magnetization coil perform multipole magnetization on a magnetic ring?

Multi-Pole Toroidal Magnetized Coils

After the multi-pole magnetizing coil is processed, when the magnetizing voltage is loaded, a number of solenoid-type magnetizing poles will be formed on the magnetizing coil, and the magnetic ring to be magnetized is put on the magnetizing coil, and due to the opposite direction of the coil windings on the neighboring magnetizing poles, an alternating N,S-pole magnetizing field will be formed on the ring to complete the magnetization.

The following are some basic principles of multi-pole magnetizing coils:

1. Coil Design: Each coil in a multipole magnetizing coil is designed to generate one pole of the magnetic field. These coils are arranged in such a way that the current excitation creates the desired multi-pole magnetic field distribution inside the toroid.

2. Current excitation: A magnetic field can be generated around each coil by delivering current to the individual coils. The current excitation of these coils must be designed in a specific way to create the desired multi-pole magnetic field distribution inside the magnetic ring.

3. Magnetic Field Distributions: By carefully designing the location of the coils and the manner of current excitation, complex magnetic field distributions can be created in the toroid. These magnetic field distributions can include multiple poles, e.g., quadrupole, octupole, etc., depending on the needs of the application.

4. Magnetization process: When a multi-pole magnetizing coil is in operation, the magnetic ring is placed in the center of the coil. By properly designing the current excitation, the magnetic field generated by the current in the coil will pass through the magnetic ring, thus gradually magnetizing the magnetic material inside the ring to form the desired multi-pole magnetic field.

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