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What are the technical requirements for motor ring magnets?

We are familiar with the electric motors, the electric fans we are using, the floor sweeping machine and so on, the core parts are the rotor and the stator, and the stator usually has the existence of the magnetic ring, and the requirements of the electric magnetic ring technology are usually included in the following aspects.

1. Size requirements

The size of the magnetic ring of the motor shall meet the relevant requirements and standards, including diameter, height and thickness.

2. Material requirements

Motor magnetic ring material should be consistent with customer requirements, and environmental protection, non-toxic.

Motor ring magnets

3. Magnetic performance requirements

The magnetic ring of the motor should have high magnetic properties and be stable and not easy to demagnetize, such as how much Gauss it reaches or how many revolutions the motor can reach.

4. Temperature rise requirements

The performance of the motor magnetic ring should be stable and not affected under high temperatures.

5. Reliability requirements

The motor magnetic ring should have high reliability, be able to work stably for a long time, and be not prone to aging.

The above are some basic technical requirements for motor magnetic rings. Our company has rich production experience in motor magnets and can provide a variety of magnetic materials for customers to choose from. There are also many existing molds. Customers who need to purchase motor magnetic rings are welcome to consult us for quotations and samples.

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