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Do Neodymium Magnets Rust?

Magnet rust this topic many people are more interested in, in the previous article also introduced the ceramic ferrite will rust, Today, we will mainly focus on whether neodymium iron boron magnets can rust.

Neodymium magnets, especially unsurfaced NdFeB magnets, are very susceptible to rusting in humid environments. This is because neodymium magnets contain metals that are easily oxidized, such as iron, in their main components. If neodymium magnets are not properly surface treated, exposure to air or water will accelerate the rusting process.

The accompanying picture shows a small nickel-plated neodymium block magnets.

Do Neodymium Magnets Rust

However, if neodymium magnets are surface treated, such as nickel-plated, zinc-plated, or with epoxy spray coating, their corrosion resistance and rust prevention ability will be significantly improved. Nickel-plated neodymium magnets are less susceptible to rust, while epoxy coating treatments are more resistant to rust. These treatments can effectively delay or prevent the rusting of magnets.

Note: Coated neodymium magnets can also be rusted.

If neodymium magnets have a suitable coating, such as galvanized, nickel-plated, or other corrosion-resistant metal plating, then the likelihood of rusting is usually reduced. However, if the plating is scratched or broken, the surface of the magnet will be exposed and it will be prone to rust and corrosion.

Finally, to summarize, NdFeB magnets are generally shipped with coating protection, used in normal environments, neodymium magnets are not easy to rust, but for a long time in the humid, acidic or salt-containing harsh environments, the surface may still be oxidized corrosion to a certain extent. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the appropriate protective measures when actually used.

The use of rubber coating can also better protect neodymium magnets from rusting easily, such as Rubber Coated Magnets

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