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Is 3M magnetic stripe a strong or weak magnet?

In our daily life and work, often encounter some small items need to be temporarily fixed or stored in the scene, such as sticky notes, refrigerator stickers, car internship stickers, etc., in these applications, 3M magnetic stripe is more practical and convenient, 3M magnetic stripe in the end belongs to a strong magnet or weak magnet? Let small Fu for you to introduce.

3M magnetic strips are made of a large number of small soft magnetic particles and plastic matrix composite, easy to be magnetized, but the magnetization strength is small, hysteresis is small, demagnetization is also easy, belongs to the weak magnetic material.

With 3M 9448A Rubber Magnetic Block 40mm x 35mm x 2.8mm

With 3M 9448A Rubber Magnetic Block

Despite the weak magnetic force of the 3M magnetic strip, but enough to absorb some light items, such as paper, metal clips, etc.. This "micro-magnetism" precisely meets the daily needs of small items fixed storage, to avoid the danger and trouble caused by excessive magnetic force.

When we mark neodymium magnets, we can also lay the magnets to be marked on a larger rubber 3M magnetic strip to avoid moving the magnets when marking.

Our magnet sample display case also adopts this kind of rubber magnetic strips, which can easily attach all kinds of magnetic strips on it, and it is convenient to take and put.

In addition to practicality, 3M magnetic strips also have the advantages of portability and reusability, without tools can be quickly disassembled and reinstalled, saving time and energy, there are a variety of colors to choose from.

In conclusion, although the 3M magnetic strips do not belong to the strong permanent magnet material, but its weak magnetism just to meet the needs of our daily storage of small items, practical, portable, environmentally friendly, and it is these unique advantages that make the 3M magnetic strips popular, become a good helper in our home life.

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