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What is a magnet with a magnetic induction strength of 4000G?

What type of magnet is the magnetic induction strength 4000G? This problem must be many people are interested in, the following is the understanding of the xiaofu of Courage magnets, I hope to help you.

Magnetic induction strength 4000G refers to the strength of the magnetic field, G is the unit of gauss, 4000G indicates that the strength of the magnetic field of 4000 gauss, equal to 0.4T, this strength generally corresponds to a very strong permanent magnets, only rare earth magnets to be able to, such as rare earth neodymium-iron-boron magnets, rare earth samarium cobalt magnets, belonging to the industrial and scientific research fields in the use of strong magnets.

The picture below shows a 4440 gauss rare earth neodymium round strong magnet.

4440 gauss rare earth neodymium round strong magnet

Why not ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnets are a class of permanent magnetic materials based on iron oxides, mainly including hard ferrite and soft ferrite two categories. Their maximum remanent magnetization and maximum magnetic energy product are much lower than those of rare earth permanent magnets, and the magnetic induction strength of ordinary ferrite permanent magnets is about several hundred to 1600G.

Important knowledge: magnet magnetic induction strength of 4000G shows that the magnetic field at this point is very strong, but is not equivalent to the magnet itself remanent magnetism value of up to 4000G, the two concepts, although related, but there is a fundamental difference, such as remanent magnetism BR the higher, the magnet's magnetic energy product density is usually the greater, but can not be directly equated to the magnetic induction strength, the magnetic induction strength of the magnet in the magnet around the distribution of the magnet, the remanent magnetization of the Br is the amount of magnets within the body.

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