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How to determine if a magnet has 4000 Gauss?

My requirement for the magnetic properties of a magnet is 4000 Gauss. How can I determine if it has reached 4000 Gauss? Today, Neodymium magnet manufacturer courage magnet Xiaofu will share with you.

To determine if a magnet has a magnetic field strength of 4000 Gauss, you can use a magnetic field strength meter, also known as a Gauss meter. Here are the general steps for measuring magnetic field strength using a Gaussian meter:

4000 Gauss magnets are mainly rare earth neodymium magnets, and ordinary ferrite magnets cannot reach this magnetic field strength.

4000 Gauss magnets

1. Get a Gaussian meter: Buy or borrow a Gaussian meter. Make sure the range of the Gauss meter is appropriate for the measuring range you require, such as at least 4000 Gauss.

2. Ensure that the measuring environment is free from other magnetic field interference sources.

3. Measure magnetic field strength: Hold the Gauss meter close to the surface of the magnet you want to measure, making sure the Gauss meter is perpendicular to the surface of the magnet. Read the value on the Gaussian meter.

4. Check the reading: If the reading on the Gauss meter is close to or more than 4000 Gauss, you can tell that the magnet has a magnetic field strength of at least 4000 Gauss.

Note: the magnet has a center table magnetic and edge table magnetic, the center table magnetic value is low, the edge is the highest table magnetic, if required, please explain with the magnet manufacturer.

The above is about detecting whether the magnet has 4000 Gauss strength or other judgment methods such as 3000, 5000 Gauss, if you need to buy rare earth strong magnets, ceramic ferrite magnets can contact us.

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