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What is the magnetic induction strength of a neodymium magnet in T?

Neodymium magnet (ndfeb magnet) is a common permanent magnet material, with high magnetic properties, then neodymium magnet magnetic induction strength how many T? The following motor magnet manufacturers Courage xiaofu on this issue briefly.

Generally speaking, the saturation magnetization strength of neodymium magnets is about 1.2 Tesla (T) or so. This means that under the action of an external magnetic field, the magnetic induction strength of neodymium magnets can reach or approach 1.2 Tesla. However, the magnetic induction strength in actual use may vary depending on the shape, direction of magnetization, and external conditions, and the exact value may vary.

The picture below shows a gauss meter measuring the gauss of the magnet as 5480

5480 gauss magnet

Above is a description of the magnetic induction strength of neodymium magnets, it is its high magnetic induction strength that makes it very useful in a variety of applications, it can be used in the manufacture of electric motors, generators, electric vehicle drive systems, magnetic sensors, medical devices and more.

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