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How much is a 15mm OD magnets?

Outer diameter 15mm magnet usually refers to the outer diameter size is 15mm ring magnet, some users want to know how much such a size magnet, the following Courage magnet factory small fu to roughly introduce.

15mm outer diameter ring magnets can be countersunk holes, can also be through-hole shape, based on a 15mm outer diameter alone can not give a quote, in addition, the price is also related to a number of factors, such as according to the magnet you need the material (such as ferrite or neodymium-iron-boron or samarium cobalt), the magnetic force strength, thickness, surface finish, tolerances and suppliers and different.

The picture below shows a countersunk ring magnet with an outer diameter of 15mm, made of sintered NdFeB.

countersunk ring magnet with an outer diameter of 15mm

If you need a specific price you can provide more detailed information requesting an accurate quote at your local hardware store, store on the internet or contact our website customer service online.

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