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How to choose neodymium magnet grade

There are dozens of grade grades of NdFeB magnets, there are ordinary N35, and there are also lower or higher than N35, high temperature resistant, which grade should I choose is good? Here are some factors to consider when choosing a grade of NdFeB magnet.

1. Required Magnetic Field Strength

Determine how strong a magnetic field is required for your application, each grade of NdFeB magnet has a different magnetization strength, choosing a higher grade will provide a stronger magnetic field.

2、Temperature conditions

NdFeB magnets may lose some of their magnetism at high temperatures, so if your application needs to operate in high temperature environments, choose NdFeB grades with good high temperature performance, such as the M, H, and SH series.

The bottom picture is a countersunk neodymium magnet ring

countersunk neodymium magnet ring

3、Cost Budget

Different grades of NdFeB magnets have different prices, you need to consider your budget to choose the right grade.

4、Physical size and shape

The size and shape of the magnet will affect the strength, distribution and direction of the magnetic field, make sure the selected magnet can fit your equipment or system.

Choosing the grade of NdFeB magnet is a complex process that requires comprehensive consideration of several factors to ensure that it meets the application requirements, if in doubt, it is recommended to consult professional magnet suppliers or engineers who can provide professional advice.

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