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Is there relationship between magnetization saturation and magnetization voltage?

We all know that the magnet in the shape, size processing needs to be magnetized to have magnetic, a netizen asked magnet magnetization saturation and magnetization voltage has a relationship? Today Xiao Fu to talk to you about this issue.

Magnet magnetization saturation and magnetization voltage relationship exists between, but not a direct linear relationship. The saturation of the magnet refers to the given material and size conditions, when the magnetic field (electromagnet current) is applied, the magnetization strength of the material reaches the maximum value, and can not be further increased in the state. In this state, increasing the current will not significantly increase the strength of the magnetic field because the magnet has already reached its saturation state of magnetization.

The magnetizing voltage is the voltage or current applied to the electromagnet, which determines the strength of the electromagnet's electromagnetic field. A higher magnetizing voltage produces a stronger EMF, but once the magnet reaches saturation, further increases in current will no longer increase the strength of the EMF.

The accompanying picture shows a magnet magnetizing machine

magnet magnetizing machine

So, the relationship between magnetizing voltage and magnet saturation is that at the beginning, increasing the magnetizing voltage will result in a stronger electromagnetic field, but when the magnet reaches saturation, the magnetic field strength will no longer increase, no matter how much the voltage is increased. Therefore, the magnetizing voltage can be used to control the magnetic field strength of the electromagnet, but when the material reaches saturation, a further increase in voltage will produce no additional gain.

The above is the introduction of the magnet magnetization saturation and magnetizing voltage whether there is a relationship, such as your company has a magnet need to quote, sampling can contact the website customer service sister oh.

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