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What is the cost of processing ferrite permanent magnets?

Ferrite permanent magnet is a common permanent magnetic material, it has good magnetic properties and stability, temperature and corrosion resistance are relatively good, in a variety of motors, generators, sensors and other fields are widely used, encountered a number of customers want to understand the cost of ferrite permanent magnet processing, the following Karachi small Fu to answer for you.

Ferrite permanent magnet processing costs are mainly affected by raw materials, specifications, shape, tolerances, processing difficulty, surface treatment, batch size and so on.

Raw materials: ferrite magnets itself is relatively low cost of raw materials, but the specific price fluctuations with the market and specifications vary, usually priced in kilograms.

Picture shows a 4-pole sintered ferrite rotor magnet.


Processing costs like ferrite magnets include pressing, sintering, flat grinding, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, cleaning, sampling fees, packaging, etc.

Shape and size processing: According to the desired magnet shape (such as square, cylindrical, etc.), size accuracy and whether or not it requires complex processing techniques such as punching, grinding, cutting, chamfering, etc., the processing cost will vary greatly.

Surface treatment: If ferrite magnets require surface treatment such as plating, painting, baking, etc., this will also add additional processing costs.

Mold cost: For custom shape or size of magnet, molding may be required, the need for mold depends on whether the magnet supplier has this mold or not.

Batch size: this is good to understand, large batch price is naturally more affordable than small batch price.

Through the above introduction, you can also see that the processing cost of ferrite magnets is affected by so many factors, so there is no fixed ferrite magnet processing cost data, the actual processing cost needs to be based on specific purchasing needs and supplier quotes to determine.

Several common ferrite magnets shape;

Ceramic Ferrite Ring Magnets

Ferrite Segment Arc Magnets

Ferrite Square Magnets

Ferrite disc/disk magnets

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