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Do all motors in power tools use ferrites?

Ferrite magnets are widely used in various industries, including power tools, see a netizen question power tools in the motor are used ferrite? What do you think?

Ferrite is a common magnetic material with good permeability properties and is therefore used in some motors to make magnetic components. However, not all motors in power tools are made with ferrite.

Most power tools motor use ferrite arc magnets, but not all.

Most power tools motor use ferrite arc magnets

For example, a DC power tool may utilize a permanent magnet DC motor, wherein the permanent magnet typically consists of a permanent magnet material, which may be a ferrite or a modern rare earth magnet such as neodymium-iron-boron.

AC motors (e.g., asynchronous motors) are also widely used in power tools, and their rotors and stators may be made of conductors such as copper or aluminum, while the cores are usually constructed using silicon steel sheets or other magnetic materials.

As a result, the choice of motor materials in power tools is diverse, and not all motors use ferrite. Manufacturers choose the most suitable material based on performance, cost and technical requirements to ensure the efficiency and reliability of their power tools.

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