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Which is better, ceramic magnets or alnico magnets?

Ceramic magnets, usually referred to as iron oxide magnets, also known as ferrite, it and alnico magnets are both permanent magnets, how to choose? Which one is good? By reading this article I believe you will know.

Ceramic ferrite magnets, although relatively low in price, are not outstanding in terms of magnetic properties. They have stable performance and are not easily affected by temperature, but they are relatively weak in magnetic properties. This makes them often used in applications that don't require too much magnetic force, such as small electronic devices and household items. However, ceramic magnets are also relatively fragile and are easily broken by impact or bending.

Alnico magnets, on the other hand, have much stronger magnetic properties. Compared to ceramic magnets, Alnico magnets are more durable and stable, while possessing a higher magnetic force. This makes them widely used in applications that require strong magnetic force, such as motors, generators, sensors, and other fields.

Alnico magnets appearance picture

Alnico magnets appearance picture

In terms of price, ceramic magnets are relatively cheaper because the manufacturing process is relatively simple. Alnico magnets are relatively more expensive because they are an alloy material with a relatively complex manufacturing process.

How to choose?

If you need a magnet that is cheaper but doesn't need to be very magnetic, a ceramic magnet may be more suitable for you. However, if you need stronger magnetism, higher temperature stability and better magnetic properties, Alnico magnets may be a better choice, and which one to choose depends on your specific needs and budget.

There is no certainty which one is better, Alnico or Ferrite, the one that suits you is the best, our company is a permanent magnet supplier, we can provide you with various shapes, sizes of ferrite and Alnico magnets, please send us a message if you need a quotation.

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