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Do car sensors require strong magnets?

Automotive(car) sensors do have some sensors that require a strong magnetic or magnetic field to operate, these sensors are often referred to as magnetic sensors and they utilize a magnetic field to measure, detect or probe specific physical quantities or parameters. Here are some common sensors in automobiles that require magnetic fields.

One common example is a vehicle speed sensor. Vehicle speed sensors typically use magnetic sensor technology, such as Hall effect sensors or magnetoresistive sensors, to measure the speed of a vehicle. These sensors require a strong magnetic field as a reference in order to detect magnetic markers on the wheels or changes in the magnetic field generated during gear transfer in order to calculate vehicle speed.

The picture below shows the injection molded magnetic series for automotive sensors.

injection molded magnetic series for automotive sensors

In addition, some other sensors may also require a magnetic field to fulfill their function. For example, magnetometer sensors are often used in steering wheel angle sensors in vehicles to measure the steering angle of the vehicle. This sensor uses a magnetic field to detect the rotation of the steering wheel and converts it into an electrical signal.

RPM Sensors: RPM sensors typically use magnetic principles to measure the speed of the engine or drivetrain. They use magnetic field induction or changes in magnetic field to detect rotational motion in the engine or driveshaft.

Fuel Level Sensors: Fuel level sensors use a magnetic float or rod to measure the level of fuel in the fuel tank. When measuring the fuel level, the sensor is affected by the magnetic field near the fuel level.

Steering Angle Sensors: Some steering angle sensors use a magnetic field to detect magnetic markings on the steering shaft to measure the angle at which the vehicle is steering.

Turbo Sensors: In turbochargers, magnetic sensors may be used to detect the speed of the turbine rotor to help control the engine's boost system.

The above only lists some common automotive sensors that require a magnetic field, with the continuous development of technology, more and more types of sensors used in the car, such as your company needs a sensor magnet you can contact us for a quote.

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