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How many strong segmented magnets in an elevator traction mainframe?

Elevator traction mainframe usually consists of components such as motor, gears and brakes, which are used to provide power and control when the elevator is running. In elevator traction mainframes, strong magnets are generally referred to as permanent magnets, which play an important role in motors, and are used to generate a magnetic field to drive the motor or to control the release of the brakes.

How many strong magnets are in an elevator tug mainframe?

The number of strong magnets required for an elevator traction motor depends on the load capacity and speed of the elevator as well as the elevator system being used. Generally, elevator traction motors require enough strong magnets to provide adequate power and stability.

For common residential and commercial elevators, the traction motor usually uses multiple magnet blocks, usually 10 or more in number.

The following picture shows the curved segmented neodymium magnets of the elevator pulling main unit.

Arc Segmented Neodymium Magnets for Elevators

High-speed elevators and heavy-duty elevators may require a higher number of strong magnetic steel blocks (20+) to provide greater power and load-carrying capacity.

It is important to note that the exact number of strong magnets will be affected by the manufacturer and design specifications, so the most accurate figure should be consulted with the elevator manufacturer or relevant professionals.

So, there is no universal answer to how many strong magnet steel blocks are needed for an elevator traction mainframe, do you understand?

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