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What is a square countersunk hole magnets?

Square countersunk hole magnets, also known as square magnets with screw holes, that is, in the square magnet surface to play one or more countersunk holes, is a relatively common type of magnet, mostly neodymium iron boron material, ferrite material of course can be, just neodymium iron boron application is relatively more, after all, the magnetic force is too strong.

Types of square countersunk hole magnets;

There are mainly square magnets with 1 countersunk hole, square countersunk hole magnets with 2 holes, and square countersunk hole magnets with off-set holes, you can see the sample cases below.

Typical square countersunk hole magnets

square countersunk hole magnets

Square countersunk hole magnets products direct;

Square strong magnets with two screw holes 18x18x5mm

Square strong neodymium magnet with eccentric screw hole

8mm wide square countersunk strong magnet 8x8x3mm

Benefits (Advantages) of Square Countersunk Magnets;

Square magnets with countersunk holes are most commonly used in decorating and hardware factories, and can be fixed with screws where they are desired.

Typical Square Countersunk Hole Magnet Dimension Drawing

Typical Square Countersunk Hole Magnet Dimension Drawing

If it is used in decoration, usually with some materials for construction, some are locked in the interior of the goods, in appearance can not be seen, but has the function of magnetic attraction, can be sucked with iron objects, such as key chains or small scissors and so on, or used to suck the photo, it is quite a lot and wide range of applications, for example, for example, home decoration will often be the construction of wooden boards or wooden strips, just For example, if you drill a square hole in the wooden boards or strips of wood, you can lock it inside, and then you can use it to suck the paper, photos or small tools that you want to suck, which is very convenient.

The usage rate in hardware processing factory is also quite high, many hardware appliances or hardware products will want to add magnetic suction function on it, some are using neodymium iron boron magnets powerful magnetic force to suck the finished product, some want to add magnetic suction function on the goods, no matter what it is used for, it will be more attractive than the same type of products, many companies have not thought of the benefits of its magnetism, we have a lot of customers through our website, we have been using it for a long time. There are many customers are through the introduction of our website before they start to buy powerful magnets for their products for processing, or their customers see our introduction to request to add magnets on the goods, so you can often come to us here to browse Oh! From time to time, we will add some new neodymium magnets.

Our factory production of square countersunk hole magnets, if the customer did not specify, plating are plated with three layers of nickel, the appearance is very much like a silver color is very textured, so even if it is exposed outside the goods, it does not look like any sense of contradiction, on the contrary, it is to increase the sense of texture Oh!

Search ten times, rather than consulting once, our main business of a variety of rare earth neodymium magnets, ceramic ferrite magnets, motor multi-pole magnets, look forward to your consultation.

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