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How strong is 1000 gauss magnets?

When talking about 1000 gauss magnets, what magnets do you first associate with them? Is it a ceramic ferrite or a neodymium magnet or a samarium cobalt magnet? Below we will introduce the material, strength and application of 1000 gauss magnets.

1000 gauss ferrite is more common, some of the various anisotropic ferrite magnets surface magnetic strength of most of the 1000 gauss, 800-1700 gauss range.

1000 gauss neodymium magnets? Yes. Neodymium magnets can also be 1000 gauss, don't think neodymium magnets surface magnetic strength are above 2000 gauss, when neodymium magnet thickness is relatively thin, the size is relatively large when it can meet the requirements of 1000 gauss, and some are less than 1000 gauss.

As for samarium cobalt 1000 gauss, it is also no problem.

So, 1000 gauss magnet is more vague, there are many other materials can be 1000 gauss magnet, gauss and magnet material, performance level, size and so on.

1063 gauss disc ndfeb magnet

1063 gauss disc ndfeb magnet

Magnetic field strength of 1000 gauss magnets

A 1000 gauss magnet indicates a magnetic induction strength of 1000 gauss per square centimeter area. The strength of a magnetic field is usually measured in terms of magnetic induction (B) in Tesla (Tesla). 1 Gauss equals 0.0001 Tesla.

Therefore, 1000 Gauss can be converted to Tesla to describe the strength of its magnetic field. 1000 Gauss equals 0.1 Tesla, i.e., a 1000 Gauss magnet produces a magnetic field strength of 0.1 Tesla.

It is important to note that the strength of a magnetic field is also affected by factors such as the shape, size and material of the field. Therefore, a value of 1000 gauss alone cannot fully describe the strength of a magnet, and the combined effects of other factors need to be considered.

Strength of a 1000 Gauss Magnet

Determining the exact strength of a 1000 Gauss magnet requires consideration of factors such as the distance at which the magnetic field is measured and the type and shape of the magnet. Magnetic field strength diminishes with distance, so there may be different values of magnetic field strength at different distances.

Example of 1000 gauss magnet specifications

N38 grade D100x50x10mm ring neodymium magnets have a magnetic field strength of approximately 1080 gauss.

Y30 grade D30x16x5mm ferrite magnet ring, the surface magnetic strength of about 1000 gauss

15mm x 1mm flat round rare earth magnets table magnetic strength is also about 1000 gauss

The above is the introduction of how strong is 1000 gauss magnet, 1000 gauss around the magnet is not strong, but also not weak, depending on the specifications, suitable for use in motors, sensors, encoders, induction speed measurement devices and other applications.

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