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How Strong is 2000 Gauss Magnet?

I often receive inquiries from customers about the strength of 10 Gauss, 1000 Gauss, 2000 Gauss, 3000 Gauss, and 4000 Gauss magnets. Today, this article mainly introduces how strong 2000 Gauss magnets are.

Gauss is a unit used to measure the strength of the magnetic field, it is a unit of magnetic induction intensity, 2000 Gauss means that the magnetic field strength of the magnet is 2000 Gauss.

The surface magnetic strength of 2000 Gauss can be judged as neodymium material, ferrite is difficult to achieve, and the size specifications are not fixed.

2000 Gaussian magnet size is not fixed

How Strong is 2000 Gauss Magnet?

To understand the magnetic field or pull force strength of the magnet, you also need to know the specific size, shape, material and magnetization of the magnet, and magnets of different sizes and materials can produce magnetic fields of different strengths.

Usually, the magnetic attraction of a magnet increases with the increase of magnetic field strength, but it is also influenced by the mass and distance of the object being attracted. Due to the fact that magnetic attraction is a complex physical phenomenon, its calculation usually requires actual measurements or complex simulations and calculations.

Magnets of around 2000 Gauss may have significantly different pull strengths

For example, an N35 circular rare earth magnets with a diameter of 10mm and a thickness of 2mm has a surface magnetism of about 2000 gauss and a vertical pull of about 0.65kg. A rare earth disc magnet with a diameter of 50mm and a thickness of 10mm has a surface magnetism of about 2080 gauss and a vertical pull of about 18kg Left and right, there is a big difference between the two, so the tensile strength of the magnet has a lot to do with the size, not that the larger the Gauss value, the stronger it is.

The above is about the 2000 Gauss magnet table magnetic and tensile strength related introduction, I hope to help you, if you need to know more about magnets welcome to collect this website, there is a need for wholesale, customized high strength magnets, special shaped neodymium magnets we can also provide.

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