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How to measure the magnetic field strength of arc magnets?

Arc (tile) magnet is a special shape magnets, just like the tiles we used to build houses in the early days, it is mainly used in the field of electric motors, the magnetic field strength test of tile magnet is very important to help us understand its magnetic field performance and whether it meets the expectations.

First of all, we need to prepare a magnetic field strength testing instrument, commonly used magnetic field measuring meter. Magnetic field measuring meter is a kind of instrument that can measure the magnetic field strength, which can help us quickly and accurately obtain the magnetic field strength value. When choosing a magnetic field measuring meter, we need to make sure that its range can meet the requirements of the actual test and has high accuracy.

Secondly, we need a piece of stable workbench to carry out the experiment. The workbench should be sturdy and can help us install and fix the magnetic field measuring meter to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the experiment.

Arc magnets are processed into various shapes according to customers' requirements, such as fan, half-ring, half-circle, and deed shape.

One of the shapes of curved segmented magnets

Next, we can start the magnetic field strength test.

First, the curved magnet needs to be placed on the workbench and make sure it is stable. Then, place the magnetic field measuring meter at a certain distance from the magnet, usually choosing a position closer to the magnet to obtain a more accurate magnetic field strength value.

Before conducting the magnetic field strength test, we also need to pay attention to some matters. First, it is necessary to ensure that the experimental environment is clean and stable to avoid the interference of external factors on the test results. Secondly, you should avoid placing the magnet close to other magnetic substances to prevent mutual influence. It is also necessary to pay attention to the direction of the magnetic field of the magnet to ensure that it is correctly facing up or down to obtain accurate test results.

When all preparations are complete, we can start measuring the magnetic field strength of the arc magnet. First, turn on the magnetic field meter and adjust it to the proper range of magnetic field strength. Then, put the probe of the magnetic field measuring meter close to the magnetic field of the tile-shaped arc segment magnet, and record the corresponding magnetic field strength value.

During the measurement process, the position of the magnetic field measuring instrument can be moved appropriately to obtain the magnetic field strength values at different positions, so as to understand the overall magnetic field distribution of the tile magnet. At the same time, you can also try to measure at different distances to understand the relationship between magnetic field strength and distance.

After the measurement is completed, we can organize and analyze the data. A graph of magnetic field strength versus distance can be plotted to understand the magnetic field attenuation of the arc magnet. At the same time, statistical indicators such as the average, maximum and minimum values of the magnetic field strength can be calculated to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the magnetic field performance of the magnet.

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