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Magnet Blog

Samarium Cobalt [SmCo] Magnet Use Precautions

Samarium cobalt magnets is a kind of rare earth magnet, with high magnetic energy product, very low temperature coefficient, the working temperature can reach 350℃. Here China Courage Magnet manufacturer to introduce the samarium cobalt magnet use need to pay attention to, I hope it can help you.

1. Although samarium cobalt magnet has very good coercivity and good temperature stability, but it is easy to flake, when handling them, need to pay attention to this.

2. Samarium cobalt magnet is small in size, but the adsorption force is big, pay attention to the clip protection when using to avoid injury.

3. The operator in the samarium cobalt magnets to take, need to be careful to put lightly, do not use iron workbench, in addition to the two pieces of magnets need to be put between the shims, otherwise let the samarium cobalt magnets hit together may lead to the magnet itself crushed.

High Temperature 350℃ Non-Demagnetizing Round Powerful Magnets

High Temperature 350℃ Non-Demagnetizing Round Powerful Magnets

4. Keep away from magnetic objects: Samarium cobalt magnets have strong magnetic force and can be adsorbed on magnetic objects. Be sure to keep it away from computers, magnetic storage media, bank cards, and other fragile objects.

5. Ensure that the operating temperature of samarium cobalt permanent magnets is within the temperature resistance range to maintain the magnetic properties.

6. Don't let children play with samarium cobalt magnet, accidental drinking will cause injury. 

In conclusion, it is important to use samarium cobalt rare earth magnets with care to ensure safety and to follow relevant safety advice and regulations, and to seek immediate medical help if you are inadvertently injured or have a problem.

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