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NdFeB(neodymium) Rotor Magnets [Type Application Features]

Neodymium rotor magnets are high performance permanent magnets that provide excellent magnetic field strength and are specifically used in all types of motors, generators, pumps, Today in this article, we are going to introduce the types of neodymium-iron-boron rotor magnets, magnetization direction, applications and characteristics.

Features/advantages of neodymium rotor magnets;

1. Strong magnetism: NdFeB is one of the strongest magnetic materials commercially available, and its maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax) is much higher than that of other types of permanent magnetic materials such as ferrite, alnico and samarium cobalt, etc. This makes NdFeB rotor magnets capable of generating a strong magnetic field, which helps to increase the power density and torque output of the motor.

2. Small volume and light weight: Due to the excellent magnetic properties of NdFeB magnets, their volume and weight can be relatively small under the same magnetic property requirement, which is conducive to the realization of lightweight design of motors and reduction of energy consumption.

3. Temperature resistance: Although the Curie temperature of NdFeB (about 310℃) is relatively low, a variety of high-temperature-resistant grades of NdFeB magnets have been developed through the improvement of the alloy composition, surface treatment, etc. to meet the needs of rotor applications in different operating temperature conditions.

4. Easy processing

Rare earth neodymium magnets can be processed without the need for molds in a variety of shapes required by customers, including shaped processing.

NdFeB permanent magnets are mainly classified into the following types when used as rotor magnets for electric motors.

Sintered NdFeB magnets;

This is the most common type with high remanent magnetization (Br 1.0-1.4T), high coercivity and high magnetic energy area. It is suitable for making rotor magnets for large and medium-sized motors.

Injection molding NdFeB magnets;

NdFeB magnets are made by mixing NdFeB powder with plastic or rubber base material and injection molding. The main advantage is that the molding is flexible and can be made into complex structures. Commonly used in servo motors and other small precision motors.

The picture below shows bonded neodymium rotor magnets arc shaped

bonded neodymium rotor magnets

Bonded NdFeB magnets;

Adopting NdFeB magnetic powder bonded with polymer binder, lower cost, easy to process, but the magnetic properties are slightly worse than the sintered body, suitable for DC brushless motors, stepping motors, vibration motors, fan motors, air-conditioning compressors, massagers, micro-pumps, fuel pump motors, oil pump motors, cooling fan motors and so on.

NdFeB rotor magnets have been widely used in the following motors;

Servo motors, stepper motors and other motion control motors

AC servo motors, DC brushless motors

Vehicle transmission motors and new energy motors

Motors for industrial automation equipment

Small motors for household appliances and office equipment

Above is the introduction of NdFeB rotor magnets, we are specialized in this kind of magnets, no matter you need arc, multi-pole ring, trapezoidal, chevron or bread shape, we can meet your needs in all aspects.

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