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Diametrically Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets

Radial magnetized ring magnets are also called diameter magnetized ring magnets, which means that the magnetization direction inside the magnet is arranged along the radial direction, which can be from the inner circumference of the ring pointing to the outer circumference, or from the outer circumference to the inner circumference, that is, we often say that the inner diameter is magnetized, the outer diameter is magnetized, and the number of magnetic poles can also be done in accordance with the customer's requirements for the specified magnetic polarity magnetization.

Outer diameter multi-pole magnetized monolithic ring and inner diameter multi-pole magnetized ring

Outer diameter multi-pole magnetized monolithic ring and inner diameter multi-pole magnetized ring

Some motor customers also use radial oblique angle magnetization, such as 30°, 45°, etc. ......

Typically, radial inner diameter multi-pole rings are used for outer rotor motors and radial outer diameter multi-pole rings are used for inner rotor motors.

Manufacturing process for radially magnetized ring magnets;

The manufacturing process of radial magnetized ring magnets is relatively complex, usually involving multiple steps such as precision molding, sintering, and magnetization. First, suitable magnetic materials, such as neodymium-iron-boron, samarium-cobalt, ferrite, etc., are selected, and the material type is determined according to the application requirements. Then, the ring preform is formed through powder metallurgy, injection molding, compression molding and other techniques. After sintering, a special radial magnetization equipment is then used to radially magnetize the toroidal magnets using a strong magnetic field generated by electromagnetic coils.

Main characteristics of radial ring magnets;

High magnetic field strength

Good magnetic field uniformity

Controllable magnetic field direction

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Radially magnetized ring magnets play an important role in electric motors, sensors, particle gas pedals, medicine, and scientific research due to their unique magnetic properties.

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Selection of radially magnetized ring magnets;

Multipole Ferrite Ring Magnet

Multipole Neodymium Magnets

Rotor Magnet Assembly

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