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Schematic diagram of the magnetic poles of a circular magnets

Round disc magnets are too common, the round magnets we see in our daily life or work are dominated by ferrite round magnets and rare earth neodymium round magnets, today's talk is not about the difference between them, but the magnetic pole position & schematic diagram of the round magnets.

The image below shows a schematic of the magnetic poles of a circular magnet magnet with thickness magnetization. The magnetic poles are located at the 2 ends (top and bottom) of the circular magnet, and their magnetic inductance wraps around the plane of the circle, creating a continuous magnetic field from one side to the other. In this structure, the entire circular plane exhibits one magnetic pole on one side and the opposite pole on the other side.

Schematic of the magnetic poles of a circular magnet with thickness magnetization

The following image shows a schematic diagram of a circular magnetic pole with radial (diameter) magnetization, Strong magnetic surface is on the side of the circular magnet.

Schematic diagram of a circular magnetic pole with radial (diameter) magnetization

Product Case: 5mm x 2mm radially magnetized round neodymium magnet

The following type (Type 3) is a axially multi-pole magnetized circular magnet, in which multiple NS poles are distributed on the surface of the circular magnet, commonly 2-pole and 4-pole, and the material of this magnetized magnet is usually based on ferrite.

danm duoji .jpg

These single or double sided multi-pole circular(disk) magnets are commonly used in encoders, magnetic sensors, and other applications.

Sample Case:  Single sided multipole ceramic ferrite disc 3n3s 30x3mm

The above is a round magnet 3 types common magnetic pole position schematic introduction, if you want to know more about magnet knowledge welcome to pay attention to our magnet blog, magnet FAQ section, need to buy magnets please send your specifications, specific needs, thank you!

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