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Magnet Blog

Multi-Pole Magnetization and General Magnetization

What is ordinary magnetization? In many cases, when you ask the customer how to magnetize the magnet, the customer will say, ordinary magnetization is good, so what is ordinary magnetization? What is multi-pole magnetization? The following Courage magnet manufacturers to do an introduction, including some of the differences between their existence.

What is multi-pole magnetization;

This is a method of magnetization that uses multiple coils (magnetizing fixtures) and specific current excitation to create multiple poles in a magnetic material (such as a magnetic ring). Multi-pole magnetization is typically used in applications that require complex magnetic field distributions.

What is ordinary (General) magnetization;

Ordinary magnetization is usually only able to achieve unipolar magnetization of a magnet, i.e., it can only form poles at the two extremes of the magnet.

Multi-Pole Magnetization vs. Ordinary Magnetization

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Some of the differences between multi-pole and normal magnetization;

Scope of application; multi-pole magnetization is suitable for applications requiring complex magnetic field distribution, such as some precision sensors, high-performance motors, encoders and so on. Ordinary magnetization is suitable for applications with relatively simple magnetic field requirements, such as some simple electromagnetic devices, electronic products and so on.

Circuit design and control: Multi-pole magnetization requires the design of complex coil arrangements and current excitation methods, and the control system may need to be more complex. Ordinary magnetization circuits are relatively simple to design and the control system is straightforward.

Magnetic Field Uniformity: Multi-pole magnetization provides a more uniform and stable internal magnetic field distribution, whereas ordinary magnetization is prone to internal magnetic field deviations.

Residual magnetization strength: under the same magnet material conditions, multi-pole magnetization can obtain higher residual magnetization strength.

The above is the whole content of this article, the choice of multi-pole magnetization or ordinary magnetization depends on the needs of specific applications and design requirements.

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