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Application and drawing of hollow cylindrical magnets

Cylindrical magnet is a kind of more commonly used permanent magnets, his main types are hollow cylindrical magnets, cylindrical magnets with holes, cylindrical magnets with grooves, the material is mainly neodymium-based, this article mainly introduces about its direction of magnetization, applications, magnetic field distribution, drawings and so on.

Direction of magnetization of a hollow cylindrical magnet;

Mainly radial, but also axial, depending on the customer's specific application.

The radial magnetization of hollow cylindrical magnets produces a stronger radial field distribution, while the axial magnetization produces a stronger axial field distribution. The specific magnetic field distribution of hollow cylindrical magnets is also influenced by factors such as size and material. Choosing the appropriate magnetization direction according to different application scenarios can achieve the desired magnetic field characteristics.

Cylindrical neodymium magnets with a through hole in the middle size drawing, most of them use radial magnetization, also known as diameter magnetization.

Hollow cylindrical magnets draw

Typical applications for hollow cylindrical magnets;

1. Particle gas pedals

Hollow cylindrical magnets are often used as part of particle gas pedals to control and accelerate the trajectory of charged particles because they can generate a uniform magnetic field in a central region.

2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI scanners use large superconducting hollow cylindrical magnets to image the human body with a uniform magnetic field.

3. Electric motors

In some high-power electric motors, hollow cylindrical permanent magnets are used as rotors to provide a larger magnetic field and torque, and the magnets are generally selected to withstand temperatures of more than 100°C and 42 grades.

4. Magnetic levitation

Using the radial magnetic field generated by hollow cylindrical magnets, magnetic levitation of objects in the center of the magnet can be achieved.

5. Magnetism adsorption

Due to the strong magnetic field of hollow cylindrical magnets, they are often used in magnetic adsorption applications, such as adsorption of metal objects, positioning of workpieces, etc.

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Sample recommendation;

6.3mm x 3mm x 11mm radial hollow cylindrical rotor magnet

Hollow cylindrical neodymium magnets with side grooves

10mm x 4mm x 15mm hollow cylinder ferrite rotor radial 4 poles

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