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Linear motor magnets [Material Grade Arrangement]

Linear motor is a special motor without rotating parts, there is no complex mechanical transmission part, mainly used in the need for high reliability and long life occasions, such as electronic printers, industrial automation, machine tools, testing and measurement equipment, etc., one of the core components is the magnet, this article is mainly to say that the linear motor magnet material, grade, arrangement, installation location, and so on.

The main material of linear motor magnets - NdFeB

Rare earth permanent magnet materials (such as NdFeB magnets) are currently the material of choice for linear motor magnets, with high remanence and high coercivity.

Neodymium magnets commonly used in linear motors are rated N38 or higher and have a temperature resistance higher than 100°C, such as N42H.

Samarium Cobalt magnets may be used in linear motor applications that require operation in high-temperature environments or have special requirements for weather resistance.

Mounting position of the linear motor magnets

In a linear motor, the magnets are usually mounted on a magnetic track which is the stator part of the motor and is stationary. The magnetic rail can be a long continuous strip, or it can be spliced together from multiple magnetic blocks, depending on the design of the motor and the needs of the application. The mounting position and arrangement of the magnets mainly affects the thrust characteristics, magnetic field uniformity and efficiency of the motor.

Linear motor magnet arrangement

There are 2 main types, the traditional parallel arrangement, and the Halbach arrangement.

Magnet up and down alternate arrangement

Magnet up and down alternate arrangement

Halbach arrangement

Linear motor magnets halbach arrangement

Halbach alignment at the top has a strong magnetic field

Halbach alignment at the top has a strong magnetic field

Above is the introduction of linear motor magnet, mainly in rectangular shape, if you need to buy linear motor rectangular magnet, linear motor stator magnet assembly welcome to contact us.

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