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Magnet Blog

Several ways we can provide customized permanent magnets

Permanent magnets are divided into many materials and shapes, different industries and different products of customers for the magnet requirements are not quite the same, so you need to customize, and the magnet manufacturers will be able to meet the customization needs of different customers, the following is the courage of the magnet manufacturers can provide you with several customization services.

1. Provide your engineers drawings of customized magnets

We will be based on the magnet drawings you provide, the drawings to the professional processing master for sampling, during the period of time if the label is not clear or can not be processed will communicate with you to confirm.

2. Send samples of customized magnets

If you can't confirm your magnet material, performance, number of magnetized poles, etc., you can send the magnet to us for confirmation and quotation, if you think the price is acceptable, we will arrange to make samples for you.

Custom Shaped Magnets

3. Selection of customized magnets

If you see in our website is the kind of magnet you want (material / shape), you can screenshot to us, to be confirmed that you need magnet specifications, tolerances, temperature resistance, plating and other elements can be customized processing.

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The above is our company can provide you with several customized magnets, we have more than 10 years of experience in customizing magnets, specializing in processing high-performance precision magnets, small thin powerful magnets, motor arc magnets, multi-pole oriented ring magnets, you do not understand it does not matter, send an inquiry and we will communicate with you slowly.

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