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Small Thin Round Magnets [Meaning Material Uses]

Small thin magnet is one of the advantageous products of Courage magnet manufacturers, recently our company has been for the United States, Britain, Turkey, Iran, India and other countries to customize this small size thin round magnets, today to tell you more about this magnets.

Small thin round magnets meaning;

Small thin round magnet is a kind of round magnet with smaller diameter and thinner thickness, the diameter is usually less than 10mm and the thickness is less than 2mm, this kind of magnet is popular because of its small size and stronger magnetism.

Some features of small thin circular magnets;

Small size for use in confined spaces or in applications where size is critical.

Thin thickness, can easily fit on flat surfaces without causing noticeable protrusions or adding too much weight.

Easy to carry and store without taking up too much space.

The accompanying pictures are mini small size rare earth neodymium round magnets, Magnetization through the thickness is generally predominant.

mini small size rare earth neodymium round magnets

Small thin round magnet material;

Because of the small and thin, most customers are choosing strong material NdFeB, the magnetic requirements are not high, the price sensitive also have the choice of ceramic ferrite.

Small thin round neodymium magnets applications;

Office and home: as refrigerator stickers, notepad magnets, or for fixing lightweight decorations.

Education and Research: Teaching demonstration of magnetic field principles, small scale experiments in the laboratory.

Crafts and DIY: to make magnetic jewelry, handicrafts, or magnetic components for DIY projects.

Electronics: for connectors, tiny parts in speakers, sensors.

Advertising & Display: Make replaceable magnetic display boards or billboards.

The above is the basic introduction of the small thin round magnets, the article is attributed to the magnet blog section, if you need to buy in bulk, customized tolerance size remember to contact us.

Small thin round permanent magnets customized case;

1mm diameter thin neodymium magnet round 1mm x 0.4mm

Small ferrite disc magnets bulk sale y30 OD 4mm x thick 1.5mm

Small diameter neodymium thin flat disc magnet 5mm x 0.5mm

3/16" Ultra thin small disk NdFeb magnet 4mm x 0.5mm

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