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Semicircular shaped magnets [Material Drawing Application]

There are too many shapes of magnets, we will slowly introduce you to the later, today to introduce you to a semicircular magnet, including its material, shape type, magnetic properties, drawings and applications.

Why is it called semi-circular magnets?

Semi-circular magnet, as the name suggests, is a kind of magnet with semi-circular shape, some are standard semi-circular, some are non-standard semi-circular, some customers will also require 1 or 2 holes to be processed on top of the semi-circular magnet.

The image below is a drawing of the half-circle magnet dimensions

drawing of the half-circle magnet dimensions

Material of semi-circular magnet;

Semi-circular magnets can be made from a variety of magnetic materials, such as neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), samarium-cobalt (SmCo), and ferrite. Its semicircular cross-section makes it more flexible in installation and use, able to adapt to specific curved surfaces or space constraints, and especially shows good adaptability when it needs to fit round or curved surfaces.

Magnetic field properties of semicircular magnets;

The magnetic field distribution of semicircular magnets varies depending on their shape, with the lines of magnetic force typically diverging or concentrating along the tangent direction of the semicircle. Depending on the specific application requirements, semicircular magnets can be magnetized either axially or radially. Axial magnetization means that the magnetic poles are located at the ends of the two planes of the semicircle, forming a magnetic field similar to that of a bar magnet; radial magnetization means that the direction of magnetization is along the radius of the semicircle.

Application of semicircular magnets;

In automated equipment, door suckers, and fixtures, semicircular magnets are commonly used to provide positioning, adsorption, or hold-closed functions.

In physics teaching and experiments, semicircular magnets can be used to visualize the distribution and role of the magnetic field to help understand the magnetic principle.

In valve actuation components, a magnetic field controls the opening and closing of the spool to achieve on-off control of the fluid.

In some applications, semicircular magnets can be used as part of a magnetic sensor to detect the position or motion of an object.

Above is the introduction of semi-circular magnets, the article is attributed to the magnet blog section, if you need to buy, customized semi-circular magnets can be sent inquiry email us.

Example of semicircular magnet processing;

Half round ndfeb strong magnet OD 17mm x 9mm x 1.4mm

11.7mm thick semicircle half circle D shaped ceramic ferrite magnet

Special custom half round neodymium magnet with two holes

Double half round convex neo magnet [Sales supply custom]

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